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Pharmaceuticals, medications

Everything you need to keep yourself and your family healthy through cold and allergy season.

  • Cough relief
  • Cold remedies
  • Pain relief & fever reducers
  • Cold & flu relief
  • Antihistamine

Carrying name brands, you’re familiar with including: Robitussin, Bayer, Proctor & Gamble, Tylenol, and Claritin.

Shield yourself from colds and flu the natural way with Jamieson or supplement your diet by including a Swiss Natural multivitamin to your daily routine. There is a lot of information about vitamins and supplements and it may be overwhelming. Our trained staff has the knowledge and resources to keep you informed.


From top to bottom, inside and out, Sullivan’s IDA Pharmacy has a large selection of healthcare products for the entire family. Option Plus is an exciting new brand available exclusively at Sullivan’s. Our goal in creating Option Plus is to bring you, our valued customer, high-quality products with the same active ingredients as national brands, but at lower prices.

Look for Option Plus products in these health, wellness and hygiene categories:

  • First aid
  • Stomach remedies
  • Home medical products
  • Skin care, bath, personal care products
  • Cosmetics, beauty basics for everyday living from trusted, recognized brands

Express your style and individuality from a selection of reading glasses. They are well-constructed and ranging in strengths from 1.00 to 3.50. Quality sunglasses are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They provide protection from sunlight, UVA & UVB light waves, and come in a large selection of fashionable styles.

Canada Post products & postal services:

  • Sending
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Rates & Pricing

Access to Canada Post tracking by tracking number, delivery notice card number or reference number can be searched by clicking on the Canada Post link below:

Canada Post, Ontario

Sullivan’s Pharmacy has an extensive selection of:

  • Gifts
  • Magazines and novels
  • Hallmark greeting cards & wrap

OLG, Ontario Lottery & Gaming, Ontario

OLG Lotto Centre and Kinsmen & K of C TV Bingo Tickets.

BMO, Bank Of Montreal, Ontario
24-hour BMO Bank of Montreal Instabank Machine.

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